Our Values

Maximise joy, minimise anxiety

We are in the business of giving minimising any friction you have with using luxury handbags, having come from a background grounded in vintage resale. Our products are here to facilitate your collecting journey in order to help you maximise your happiness out of your collection. 

Value to Consumer

From design to sourcing, we do everything in house and we work directly with textile manufacturing partners. We cut down on the number of middle men and are able to offer high quality products without pricing accessories the same price as your handbag.

Do it with purpose, or not at all

Custom made sizing for your accessories. We do not offer universal sizing, nor universal colours, nor universal styling. There is no compromise. 

Protecting luxury with luxury

Because we are in the business of luxury, it is not enough that our accessories are have great utility—they also need to be and look discrete and well made. The focus should always be on your enhancing your handbag’s natural state of being. 

The devil’s in the details

Each product undergoes several iterations of testing and redesign. We pour over swabs of fabric and meticulously calculate the optimal dimensions of each product so we can always deliver perfection.

Supporting local artists

Its no secret we love cute illustrations and neutral prints! We love working with local illustrators where we can and we aim to continue to support the local art scene. If you are an illustrator with an interesting print, please contact us - we buy art!


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